Fall Fundraiser Update

What does the Grayson Elementary School PTA fund? Where does the money go?

Our biggest fundraiser is underway and the Grayson Elementary School PTA needs your support. All parents want to know exactly where all the money is going. Our goal is to raise $35,000.00!


FACT #1 – All parents want fundraising to be FAST & EASY!

FACT #2 – The Grayson Elementary School PTA has to have your support to meet our budget and provide the following for our students: Technological Enhancements School-wide – 25%, Teacher Support-Training, Grants – 20%, Educational Enhancements – 20%, Phys Ed Equipment – 15%, PTA Operating Expenses – 10%, PTA Programs – 10%

FACT #3 – We want our students to have the best school year ever!
• Currently, we’re at $2,600.00! We’re only 7.43% to goal!
• Only 38 out of 920 students have participated with a donation
• Only 86 students have registered for the Fun Run.
• We’re striving for 100% online registration and participation with any donation amount! It CANNOT happen without your support!

Still need to Register online click here!
Simple Steps to Donation Success:
• First Register or re-Login to your parent dashboard and complete your child’s student webpage with a picture.
1. Make an online donation using the red Donate button right away
2. Share with friends and family, they want to help. Using the share tools on your parent dashboard simply send 10-15 emails and or text messages, then share on Facebook or Twitter. This will help your child reach their goal within 24/48 hours.