Fall Fundraiser

The Annual Fall Fundraiser is our primary method of raising funds for the school year. Only with the help of caring parents- like you – can we help provide to the school much needed additional resources.

Students at Grayson Elementary School will learn how to exercise for their own cause.  That’s right a Fun Run is planned on October 4, 2019.  A Fun Run is a walk-a-thon/run-a-thon kid style.  A fun run is not a race or a speed competition.  It’s an opportunity for them to have fun, while doing something healthy while supporting their school.  That makes every student a winner.   Grayson Elementary PTA understands that promoting health and wellness is more important than ever to our youth, therefore we have chosen a fun run as our major fundraiser this fall.

This year’s funds will go towards:

  • Teacher Support and Training, and
  • Additional P.E. equipment, and
  • Technology and educational enhancements, including training and equipment.

The 2019 Fall Fundraiser will launch September 13, 2019! Click the link below to register your student!