Grayson Elementary School Superhero Run Rewards & Incentives!

It’s FUN for students to get up and active for their school. Our donation incentives make it even more FUN!  Grayson Elementary School PTA has fantastic STUDENT INCENTIVES for all students to earn!

To check out all the great Rewards and Incentives please visit the school webpage and click View Incentives.

Your child’s student webpage gives you access to:

  • Classroom webpage:  Every Classroom has a T.E.A.M. Goal and webpage to track classroom progress, classroom reward incentives and much more on the Classroom webpage.   
  •  Classroom Leaderboard:  See where your child’s class stacks up in the whole school and if their class will hit goal.  When classrooms win, the whole school wins!
  •  School webpage: This is the place to track our total school goal progress along with all the information you need about our fundraiser, including student Rewards & Incentives.

Help your child earn Rewards and Incentives while helping their classroom reach it’s goal, so the whole school wins! 

3 Easy Steps to Raising 3 times MORE!

  1. First Register or re-Login to your parent dashboard and complete your child’s student webpage with a picture.
  2. Make an online donation using the red Donate button right away
  3. Share with friends and family, they want to help. Using the share tools on your parent dashboard simply send 10-15 emails and or text messages, then share on Facebook or Twitter. This will help your child reach their goal within 24/48 hours.